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Pure Art ~ Pure Math

Pure Art, well, Art, is not so different from Pure Math, it’s scientific-world analog. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 51,000 craft and fine artist jobs in 2012 but only 3,500 mathematician jobs in that year. (And that’s all mathematician jobs, not just ones for pure mathematicians, which are less since it’s essentially a hobby.) Well, maybe that’s not so enlightening. Certainly mathematicians were estimated to be better paid. But mathematicians and some physicists are the only people that can appreciate pure mathematics. Unlike art. See more in this blog.

Who Do You Blame?

Who do you Blame postcardPleased to announce that Who Do You Blame? postcards are available again. Only dozens left from an original edition of 500. Four for fifteen dollars, includes shipping in the USofA. Once they are sold out don’t blame me.

(Pictured above: two Blame postcards on a lilac background for pleasurable viewing.)


detail - improvement song piece copy

Improvement is here if interested. Edition of 75 and most are still in my possession. Only shown once, in Space 47, in San Jose, CA. If you need one for your collection, they go for thirty-five dollars each, signed by Tantum, includes shipping, while the supply lasts, then that’s that. One way to celebrate their fifty years on the American scene and what could have been.

Cold Warrior Artists

“What do Richard Wright, Gloria Steinem, Henry Kissinger, George Meany, Nina Simone and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. have in common?

Answer: Directly or indirectly, they all took money from the Central Intelligence Agency during the early years of the Cold War.”

“The war for the hearts and minds of humanity…ranked nearly as high as the race to build better missiles and a mightier economy.”

Read it here.

It’s the same story in the visual arts.


Ricefield Collective

ricefield collective knit 4 life

Contributed to Ricefield, my 3rd or 4th kickstarter contribution, and they were wildly successful! (I’m batting 1.000 but should be batting .750 If I had been quicker on a few others. Still!) One of the fifty signed up for the Upward Beanie. Can’t wait.