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Pure Art ~ Pure Math

Pure Art, well, Art, is not so different from Pure Math, it’s scientific-world analog. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 51,000 craft and fine artist jobs in 2012 but only 3,500 mathematician jobs in that year. (And that’s all mathematician jobs, not just ones for pure mathematicians, which are less since it’s essentially a hobby.) Well, maybe that’s not so enlightening. Certainly mathematicians were estimated to be better paid. But mathematicians and some physicists are the only people that can appreciate pure mathematics. Unlike art. See more in this blog.

200-year Mistaken Attribution

Learned from curiosa mathematica about this recently corrected mistaken attribution:

This guy, Louis Legendre, politician, was mistakenly pictured for….














this guy, Adrien-Marie Legendre, mathematician, for two centuries!

legendre the mathematician








Sure, some might say, well, they did him a favor. I bet both would disagree.