The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Finalist!

After submitting maybe a hundred captions since 2008 I am now one of the three finalists! The odds were at best 0.06% — getting into Harvard is 100x easier — so it has been pretty exciting; I had to tell everyone. I find out who the winner is on Monday. (But aren’t all the finalists winners? I even went to New York City, but not to gloat, while I was a finalist. During that entire trip I saw one person reading The New Yorker. I resisted introducing myself.) Now I presume the gig’s up, who twice becomes a finalist? Below are my all-time favorite entries, in no order.

New Yorker 9:7:09new yorker may 3, 2010new yorker april 19, 2010new yorker 12:19:11new yorker april 13

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