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USA’s GDP as other Countries

US states GDP as nations

How rich is the United States? Richer than the next 3 richest countries combined! (That is, by GDP, the total output of all goods and services “produced by labor and property”* and, in the US, is about $15,000,000,000,000 per year.) But as individual states? Well, ha!, The Economist has broken it down. (Italy and Russia, standing in for California and Texas, are in the richest eight, aka “G8+China,” btw. Who is ninth? Used to be China. Now it’s…Canada.)

* US Dept of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis

Internet Quizzes: Science and Religion

pew science quiz

Last month scored highest possible on Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine’s Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz! Me and about 130 others got all right and did better than the other nearly 930 adults. But on Pew’s Religious Knowledge quiz I only did better than 87% (3,412 adults), 12 of 15 correct. So I can’t compare these easily–and with my math ability not at all. But c’mon!, how many religions should I be fluent in?